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March 20, 2007


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:-) Great drawings -- and nachos and sauerkraut! Whew! You've captured the beautiful south Texas sky and general light -- just wonderful.

I am loving these San Antonio sketches and bits of history. Who knew about the German influence there? Sounds like you're having quite the time - as you should! xo

I love the fusion cuisine! I just know you're a real foodie when I see how much care you put into these food sketches!

I'm told there's a kind of Hispanic/South American music that has a German influence, too, since so many went to that area to escape the Nazis 50 years ago (or WERE Nazis), taking their music with them. Can't remember the name of the music fusion, but reminds of your cuisine, which looks and sounds wonderful!

Love the botanist's house--there is similar architecture in Ste. Genevieve and Hermann, Missouri, and other little towns along the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers. As you can guess from the name, Ste. Gen's is mainly French, with a lot of surviving early French architecture, but there were also German immigrants there.

The river country here is very much like the Rhine country in Germany, so we have a great deal of German influence in food, architecture, place names, and hooray, WINE. Good, good wine country...maybe when J. and I are married you and your sweet husband will come explore with us!

Laura, you crack me up! You have found such interesting things to draw in Texas! I love the architecture and food! (What else on a trip???) Fun drawings. Hope you continue to find great things to draw and post.

You never said whether the food was tasty! Do tell. But the pictures are definitely delicious; I like them all, and the last one is surprising--that rich watercolor sky over the sunny pencil scene.

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