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March 22, 2007


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Sensational! Each of these is more luscious than the one before it. I think I like the window detail and the fountain the best.

Muchas gracias, everybody! It's nice to hear that others are enjoying these small slices of San Antonio. I urge you to go and visit, if you haven't. It is a wonderful, wonderful place.

I love San Antonio. A truly beautiful old Texas city. Your sketches, as always, are a delight to behold, and bring me back fondly to the Riverwalk and all the wonderful nooks and crannies of that place. This is classically a good time to visit Texas too, before the Summer heat kicks in, with the bluebonnets in full bloom. The more I look at your beautiful watercolor renderings, the more I want to get on a plane out of California and head over there. Thank you for posting these. I hope the sun came out for you eventually :)

Well, typepad ate my comment... But welcome back all the same.

I like these: the roof that turns into garden, and window that starts to curl and frolic, and water dribbled by fountains.

Can only add to the praise, I love the window especially! It's so interesting to see these unusual places through your eyes.

I've never been to Texas and always wanted to visit. I clasped my hands with delight at the window at the Mission in San Jose, oh how I do love ornate and beautifully detailed things. Delightful dear Laura, just as delightful as you are!

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