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March 07, 2007


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Fantastic sketches! I am blown away by your depiction of the snow covered mountains. Funny we were both in Seattle recently.

Thanks so much, everyone. It was a lovely trip and I'm now trying to recover from jetlag amplified by the time change! I appreciate very much your comments and observations.

Beautiful seascape!

Your use of value amazes me, even in black-and-white I can see implicit colors.

Lovely, and happy to see you're sketching everywhere! Inspiring slothful ol' me, as usual.


The waiting people are wonderful but the boat is fantastic! I love that close up view that makes it look so imposing and huge with the little sailboat puffing by in distance. You've inspired me to get outside to paint again.

Beautiful boat sketch, it reminds me of home on Lake Huron. I miss living on the Great Lakes so much. Miss you too! :)D

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