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March 13, 2007


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Thank you so much, kind commenters! The vegetables were actually beautiful when I painted them--not slimy or decaying or smelly. They were past their prime for cooking, it's true!
The potatoes' dreadlocks were especially beautiful, like tiny ziggurats projecting from the potato head.

Your description of your veggies made me laugh! I've been very tempted at times to hang on to the ones that got away and secreted themselves somewhere out of sight to grow 'things' because the 'things' looked so much more interesting than the veggies so sometimes. I draw the line at slimey stuff though!

I am loving your onions, esp!!!!

I am loving your onions, esp!!!!

At first I felt a bit disconcerted... how did she sneak into my vegie basket??? I would never have thought to draw them myself, so thanks for doing it for me!

Wow...as always they are great....the veggies is a fav....

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