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March 18, 2007


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Lovely to see yet more bloggers getting together. I think we should have a virtual club for all those who've achieved a 'face to face' - with gold stars awarded to those who did drawings of each other as well!

I must say that drink looks very refreshing..........

It sounds like you and David are having a fantastic time! Your art is beautiful, as always. And parades, meeting Lori and fabulous Mexican food? I'm envious! And so happy you're enjoying yourselves. xo

You are quite the aesthete! Looks like you culled all the best things there and gave them even more life in your artwork. You must've been in your element!

wow, so glad you got to hang out with lori. now we have that in common, we've both drawn lori!!

I recognize the glasses and eye and distinctive eyebrow, but it's good to see the Whole Witzel!

Somehow I imagine that two such energetic souls would shoot off many sparks in a meeting. Judging by the pictures, you are having a lovely time.

fun to see your travels, the plants and architecture quite different from what I've seen here before, terrific to meet and sketch another blogger too!

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