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March 18, 2007


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Lucky Lori - what a beautiful sketch! The fountain scene is a knockout but what I would really like to reach in and take is that lime spiked drink and the goat's cheese salad. Yum.

Thanks for the great memories! Can't wait to see your other sketches from the trip.

Isn't San Antonio photogenic? There is something to photograph or paint every where you turn. Loved the cactus. What was the Mexican restaurant?

Well, we KNEW you'd find that fountain!
;-D Great drawings -- so Tex-Mex that they make me want to come down and walk the Riverwalk ... I don't know how you do it!

I enjoyed your sketches so much! You have really captured the flavor of San Antonio. I live just north of Austin and visit San Antonio often. I hope you will share the name of your husband's restaurant :-)

Ola, Laura! Viva indeed!

It was great to meet you and your husband, and I finally recovered enough from my long walk in the woods to post my sketched -- my goodness, I must practice if I'm ever to learn to chat, laugh, eat, drink and draw all at once with as much verve as you!


A little post-St. Patrick's lagniappe for y'all, about another intersection of Old World and New:

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