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April 10, 2007


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Big smiles for these and the traveling news!

A random bit: when I lived in NYC lo those many years ago, I had a dream that I went to Chinatown, and entered a shop where the aisles were arranged by color -- in other words, a black-and-white food-and-sundries aisle, a red food-and-sundries aisle, etc.

The best part about the dream? A few weeks later, while running an errand far downtown for a gent I freelanced for, I stopped in a store in Chinatown to get a soda, and it was THAT place, with the color-segregated aisles.

I was so unnerved, I spun around and left without even asking about soda...

Oh oh, this orange and white sharpie pens is juicy! I just love this! I hope all is well, I haven't heard from you lately and wish you well.



OMG - I love this orange face - Amazing!!!!! more please!

NYNY for the weekend of art - that sounds wonderful! Enjoy. Your buddha has a lovely fluid quality to the lines - but of course, being in my own Japanese Period - I am delighted by your sketch of the woodcut. Lovely, lovely!

Thanks everyone! The weather looks like it isn't going to cooperate at all, but I'll do what I can! Cin and Chris, I so wish you could be there, too!

Beautiful! It remains me Matisse...:)

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