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April 05, 2007


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That's funny, Laura. I know it's how I fancy myself, but hardly how I am. I have written murder mysteries though - so you are sensitive to the inner me ;)

Thanks so much, wonderful people! Robyn, I love your idea of me and it makes me laugh, too---the way we experience people in cyberspace and through their art is so interesting, don't you find? i've got you pegged for a Nora type, of the old Nick and Nora movies---glamorous in a sassy way, you know the type ;D.

I love your look of concentration - your self-portrait reminds me of a WWII resistance heroine for some reason - I think it is the beautiful, ladylike exterior and the sense of an inner courage and resourcefulness behind the mask. I'm nuts, I know! Great sketches of Mr Ingram too.

Such fantastic sketches! Sounds like a lovely evening. Happy Easter to you and David. xo

Wonderful sketches, so full of energy. Happy Easter to you and your family, Laura.

Weather report: more dratted snow.

Now that that's out of the way: I like these--how lovely that Glen Ingram saw them, too. You have a wonderful quality of being very, very attentive and lost-in-seeing simultaneously in that self-portrait.

Wish I had been there. I like Spice Street.

Good cheer to you, Laura--

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