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April 19, 2007


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Thank you, great commenters, one and all! Isn't it fun to see the different palettes each place evokes? Chinatown colors are saturated, primary or fluorescent, so different from Charleston or Paris, closer to San Antonio. I do find it odd that I seem to respond to certain things no matter where I go, how disparate the locations---but maybe that's not really odd when you think about it. And thank you, too, for what you say of my daughter. I'm a lucky person to have such a family!

Laura - it's really interesting looking at all three blogs and seeing the different takes on the same places.

I also have to tell you that I was gardening and getting a suntan in up country last weekend! It was really warm and dry! ;)

The dragon and all your sketches are fantastic! It amazes me how much you get to travel and that wherever you go, you create amazing, beautiful art! xo

fleeting chances seen
encounter present and past
save quick for future

Laura -- the dragon just ROCKS! He is so vibrant on the page! I think it's fascinating how you are able to capture the essence of a place -- you got the essential bits of Chinatown as effortlessly (or at least it seems so) as San Antonio and Paris. It's interesting that you keep finding these collections of masks, and I'm sure if it had not been raining, you would have found the one and only hidden fountain in Chinatown ...
;-) And your daughter IS beautiful.

The dragon and masks are so rich and vivid in color. Loving your sketches and especially the one of Elizabeth, just lovely!

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