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April 26, 2007


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Oh my goodness, these wheel barrows are incredible! I would love them framed!

Laura, you sound so amazingly busy! Good luck with all your preparations!! Love your garden drawings. Can't wait to see the final results.

I totally LOVE this....it is about what is going on at my home

Hey Laurrrrrrrr - please take some photos so we can see how it turns out - I remember the photos from last year. Please?????

You do manage to make art out of any kind of mess!! Great sketches.

Oh, many thanks, my loyal commenters! My storyline for the present is a bit jagged and episodic, but I do appreciate your sticking with me! Annie, I think you should write the poem! Mariana, happy birthday, way in advance ;D. Robyn, this amount of chaos indoors would send me right around the bend. You're a better woman than I am! Thanks again, one and all.

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