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May 11, 2007


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I have to say, I stumbled across your blog looking up a perfume! Anyway, I would just like to say, gorgeous sketches!! Gorgeous! Lovely photos as well.

I hope the son of your friend will be alright. A coworker of mine was in a coma from a skiing accident. It didn't look good, but he survived miraculously! He had youth on his side, so I am hoping there is good news for this young man. Prayers help and help the family cope!

Lovely blog!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expressions of care and concern for our beloved young friend, still in a coma---and for your continued interest in my art and garden work. The support of others sustains us, all of us.

Laura -- well, you must be getting down to the wire for the wedding by now! Will we see photos of the event afterwards? The garden looks like it is going to be spectacular! I know how hectic it can be - hope you've remembered to take extra time with your daughter just for fun! :-)
I'll add to the prayers for your friend's son ... that the outcome be the best one, no matter what it is.

sending prayers for a joyful awakening for your friend's son...and some moments of peace as you work toward the big day.

woops, the third word is missing above...please insert LOVE...

Laura, your sketches so much, dont visit enough...you know, life work stuff, your garden looks great, your daughter looks beautiful, (esp her wrist in your drawing!) and my thoughts and hopes go accross the sea to that poor family, I hope he wakes up and all is well, how fragile we become when we become parents.

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