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May 11, 2007


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Wonderful sketches... like others, I hope your friends' son pulls through.

Sadness and happiness and beautiful art all in one post!! Hope all works out well. I LOVE that watering can!

Back home at last--and find you in the midst of joy and sorrow. May all be well, very well, and the weather fine.

Oh, cara ... what a time .. from joyousness to utter sadness .. prayers on all counts .. and I hope you'e getting some rest! Your sketches, as always, are magnificent .... how you manage to focus on your art during this time is beyond me .. prayers too for a glorious weather-wise wedding day!

Can't wait to get together again for a sketch!

Lovely sketches. One can see that your daughter will be a gorgeous bride! Don't stress out to much :)

Hallo this is my first visit to your blog.

So sorry to hear about your friends son, I hope he pulls through.

you have some very beautiful drawings and sketches here - your portraits look very assured and deft. I enjoyed looking -0h and I'm sure everything will be wonderful for the wedding!

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