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May 03, 2007


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wonderful captures Laura!

I love the one of the boy with the spiky hair too! Particularly those playful sweeping lines around his collar and shirt that are so much your trademark. Maybe your presence in the class room will unearth a few more sketchers. I wish I had started earlier.
Your garden is looking pretty swish already!

Great sketches! And, your garden is going to be fabulous.

Hi Laura--

Swore that I would not blogify until I got home from Yaddo, but Jeffery sent me a link, so... Lovely to see him through your eyes. I will catch up on your other shenanigans when I get home (with many pages under my arm!)

Here chez Bonney we accept that the earth rearranges itself underneath things we have put upon it, walkways and patios included. Just last night I was looking at "before" and "after" photos of our back terrace, which was once flat but now rolls like an Idaho prairie. It can be tough on ladies' heels. But I call it character.

i send you, dear Laura, my deepest condolences. No one who has not worked at getting a garden ready for a wedding (or similar event that can happen on one single day and no other) can ever fully understand just how draining it can be. i have prepared 3 in my lifetime and swear it is why i am now the crazy person i am!

it IS wonderful and WILL be wonderful...and you will have SO many stories to tell and retell.

i'm O+....will that help? Just tell me where to have my blood donation sent!

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