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June 29, 2007


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Your garden is gorgeous as are your drawings and paintings. Change is inevitable. If we stay the same, then we will stagnate. If we are open to change, and embrace it, then we were learn and grow. I think confidence and comfort with our medium is the biggest difference that we notice. With that comes courage to try things we might not have 2 years ago. Keep up the wonderful work.

Gorgeous stuff here!!!

Such a gorgeous garden! All your hard work has paid off. Great sketch of your "found objects." xo

Thanks, everyone! I wish I knew where the white lines are taking me---we'll have to wait and see! Sarah, I'd gladly take some of your rain. We ended up getting very little.

I love both as well, but you have gained in confidence. I love the white line paintings- it'll be interesting to see where you go with them..

Now your garden is rewarding you for all that effort you invested for the wedding. Enjoy, it's gorgeous. I'm loving your white flowers on the coloured ground - amazingly consistent lines yet so free and spirited. You're a wonder Ms L

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