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July 05, 2007


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Gosh, these are great sketches! I haven't been to exhibit yet, but I'd like to go and see it for myself. What a great opportunity for study.

I liked your play on words but mostly I liked your drawing of the arm. Thanks for sharing them... very nice.

I, too, was fascinated by the circulatory system. So amazing to see it isolated. I also thought the "tree" of nerves was beautiful. Nice drawings.

Isn't a cool exhibit? I did two quick sketches while there (San Diego, Ca) and added wc after. I wish I would have been by myself because I would have had more time to really study and draw...but I liked what I drew: a skeleton and a heart. I did love the limbs showing the circulatory system...I loved that they did them in red also....a doctor friend of mine said they injected a red rubber substance and then dipped the limb in acid and all that was left was the veins/arteries..cool huh?

Your sketches are so amazing. Am not sure I'd be thrilled to look at this in real life, although it's certainly fascinating. xo

Amazing sketches! I'm sure this has got to be better than a life class but maybe a little 'too much information' in some cases! Although sometimes I wish I could see what is under the skin in order to make sense of what I'm drawing, so I'd love to see the exhibition.

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