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July 17, 2007


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Oh, thank you, dear commenters! Your warm encouragement is helping a lot. Things are going well and life is good, but I'm very much feeling the need to replenish at the source!

Such a great perspective from inside the Amish buggy, I am riding right along with you. I love the hibiscus in turquoise, my favorite color and one of my favorite flowers. My hibiscus are 9 inches across this year! I'm enjoying the amish landscape. When we head north to our home in upper MI we stop and get the most unbelievable baked goods from an Amish family. If you arrive late on Sunday they send you packing with extra trays of homemade sticky buns- and who can say no? Yum!

love the amish pics and look at you making maps...all roads leads back to beautiful lilting eyes.

these are awesome drawings! I like the buggy one the best.

I'm searching my vocabulary for superlatives - what a treat! I agree with above comments, the view from the buggy is incredible. I've been so distracted lately that I hadn't been by in a few days - it's always such a pleasure to see your work. Oh, and my fingers are crossed for rain(for you - we have enough)!

I like your maps, too, Laura! These are so charming. I remember those horse and buggies in VA, and seeing them sometimes juxtaposed next to a tractor trailer on the country roads. They're really reminiscent of your "old world/new world" motifs...

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