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August 21, 2007


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I'm reminded what a wonderful draftsperson you are Laura, when I look at these sketches of boats. The lines are beautiful. I love man and boy at work too! They are all terrific, as usual. Horrible for you getting sick on holiday when time is so precious. I think I'd risk it though, right now, for a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters!

These are just lovely. Your colors are so clean. Awesome work, as always.

Thank you, you all! I'm not entirely sure of the source of my stomach upheaval---I ate lots and lots of fresh seafood all week, so there were many opportunities for mishap. I hope to go back to Suffolk next June for another visit. It, and Mersea Island in Essex, are enchanted places.

darn those oysters spoiling two days of sketching for you! glad you're home safe and feeling better, happy to see a bit of where you were about with these sketches, hmmmm, love the variety of pencil in the portrait especially

Hope you are feeling good now. Sometimes we have to pay for the oysters. Nevertheless I am always reincident. The sketches are great.

Glad you liked Suffolk; I think it's a beautiful place too. Your sketches do it justice, especially the first one.

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