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October 25, 2007


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I loved reading this thread. Thanks for the thumbs up on Schmincke. Few places sell it because not many know how wonderful it is.
I have 3 types of watercolors, Winser&Newton, M.Grahmm, and Schmincke. Schmincke is by far my favorite. They are also the only one that have a semi/transparent Cerulean Blue! That is a rare find!
Winser&Newton are good high quality watercolors but no further comment. My Winser Red flaked when re-wetted and I had to stir for a while to get it disolved.
M. Grahmm has very stonge colors also but they also stain horribly more than others. They disolve fast when rewetted after drying also.

I watched a friend use Daniel Smith and she commented that over the past year, they have not been up to par. She is very disappointed with her last few purchaces because the quality has declined. They used to be her favorite.
I was prompted to try Schmincke when I bought Susan Harrison_Tustains DVD's on watercolor.
When you see her beautiful work, you want to use the same type of paint she uses. Her work is amazing. http://www.susanart.com/

She personally recommends Schmincke brand watercolor because of the desired affects she gets.
Also, I found the best prices for those expensive watercolors at http://www.merriartist.com/category_s/63.htm
I have always received them in the mail within 2 days and when I make an order of $70.00 I get free shipping.
http://www.reuels.com/reuels/Schmincke_Horadam_Watercolor.html has them as well but take longer to deliver and no free shipping.
Also note that Handprint.com has not updated all of their tests in the past few years. Manufacturing Watercolor paint quality can change allot over a year.

and we are having a blast watching you have a blast.

Well yes there is quite a difference in colour saturation - but each is beautiful in its own way. And of course I don't know anything about all this; you should have this conversation with Jordana! :)

Nice glazes.
Laura Lines!
I haven't been to your blog in a while.
Fantastic work!
Thanks for sharing. Lydia

What wonderful comments! Thank you so much---and thanks for bringing up the subject of handprint.com. It IS a wonderful resource. I chose my blues and my cadmium red for my old palette based on his recommendations. He also has fantastic info on watercolor brushes.
Toni, I saw a big difference between the way Schminckes and my old palette worked watching Albany Wiseman make washes with the former. The transparency of Schminckes really works well for glazes. LaBelle, ce n'etait pas le scanner. Il y a une vraie difference entre les deux! Pedro, the exhibit and my trip will be here in two weeks and a few days, honeychile. Be patient ;D.
Ronell and Dee and Jana and others --- I won't give up my old palette. I'm just having a blast learning new things about a new-to-me product!
Linda, Teri, Casey, Lindsay, Nancy---there's always room for more paints in our lives, right?

Well, the difference in your paintings are obvious. Schmincke paints are great, I like to use them, too. I prefer the transparent color (just check their color chart - there you'll get all the information). And by the way, you like granulation? Just check out their mangan violet!

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