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October 25, 2007


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Thanks Laura for posting the difference. Some days I am happy with my watercolors and some days I am not. I'm wondering if the brand makes the difference. It appears from your post it just might be.

Thank you for taking the time to paint the two versions and demonstrating the difference to us. I am currently saving for some watercolors so this example and discussion are very valuable for me. I will certain visit your site regularly in the future.

Thanks for this great comparison Laura. The scmincke colours are so vibrant and rich, beautiful, but then I also love the softer, more subtle touch of the other...I think it will be great to have both and use it according to your subject. I think in a portrait I would prefer the softer colours...
Thanks for a great post.

Very useful comparison.
I would think that using pan colors vs. tube would make a big difference, too.
And, of course, what we're all seeing may not be the "same" due to monitor settings and even our genetic rods and cones (I forget which ones are in charge of color sense!) Special thanks to those who mentioned handspring.

Thank you so much for your comment on the new Victoria magazine that just came out. I would have written you sooner however my blog has been frozen for about a week and I finally was able to figure out a work around and it is functioning now. Thank Goodness, I felt as if my arm was missing! XOX Maggie

News?... news?... what about the travel book affair??

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