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October 17, 2007


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What wonderfully expressive and colorful pieces. Really great work.

Hi everyone!Thanks so much for your lovely comments---they inspired me to do the comparison sketches I posted today. I'll be so interested in your responses!

My watercolours are Schminke. They were quite a shock when I got them years ago as they are just so LOADED with pigment. It seems as if that might be the theme of Schminke as I agree the Schminke pastels are also very pigment rich.

I really like them (and the Schminke tin too!) - now all I need to do (as a dedicated dry media person) is get rather better at handling a brush.........

Laura, these are great as always. I am so impressed that you were in a show in France. Congratulations. Schmincke also makes GREAT pastels. They are almost pure pigment, very little binder. They will probably be my next purchase. Currently I use Senniler for my final layer, but want to add some Schmincke as well.

These are wonderful, Laura - the colors are brilliant. Even though your palette has changed, I'd recognize these as yours right away. So what's the verdict on the Schminke watercolors? Is it too early to tell or should I quickly place an order?

A FEAST of FACES. Your work has an unmistakable stamp, Laura. So glad you are going back to your faces project. I love masks too. A friend of mine has a collection with about 30 pieces. Maybe this would be a good winter project!

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