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October 01, 2007


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What an inspiring blog you have. Love your drawings.

Thanks, guys! I do love those fountains---they combine so many of the elements I love: water, figurative sculpture, sparkly light, movement, color. Kate and Katherine, here are my current blues: Daniel Smith cobalt teal, Sennelier cerulean, Schmincke deep cobalt blue,and ultramarine blue. They do seem to granulate nicely, don't they? Olivia, a belated thank you for your comment. I spent lots of time at your wonderful blog the other day. Dee ,Cin, Jana, Sue, Diahn, Rebecca, Teri ,Jess, Felicity, Bonny, Anita, I'd love to sketch Paris with all of you! Susan, I'm working on the book, I am, I am! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and interest! Jared, I still dream of painting your magnificent Cougar Peak! Keep your great work. Tara, I'm sure you're right that I don't see the scruffly and frustrating bits ;D.

Beautiful!....love those fountains. This lastest series of sketches is stunning.

You always make Paris look the way everyone imagines it is - gorgeous and romantic. Of course it isn't always that way living here, although it does have its moments. And you capture the city's beauty so wonderfully with your art. xo

i always marvel at your ability to capture those fountains and other flowing, flying, spurting, or languid water. And i love that magnificent spruce and skyline.

Laura - I do love that turquoise colour which you always seem to use with your statuary. It's positively yummy - and always makes me want to take up watercolours again. What make and name please?

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