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November 19, 2007


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, wonderful people! I have SO much to tell about the trip and have only just now posted the first sketches. I will get the whole story out in the next few days. My stepdaughter had a baby on November 17th, a darling little boy!! He was about a week early. Will try to answer your questions soon!

Being one to know quite well what an adventure it is to be with Casey and Ronell I can only say....I wish I could have tagged along too! They are such lovely ladies and I had a blast with them in Paris last month!!! I'm still 'high' off of that whole trip!

Glad to hear you're back home with a smile after some testing times here in France! Like Katherine, I'm also anxious to see some photos of your exhibition and of course your sketches!

I kept wondering how you were getting on with all those transport strikes.

I guess you met up with Enriques? I'm dying to see photos of the event itself plus all the wonderful sketches which I know you will have done.

What great fun! Love the stories.

Hanging out with Casey and Ronell! I am very envious. How could it NOT prove inspirational? I haven't been to Paris for almost 3 years now, so I'm envious on that count too. Colour me green!

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