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November 24, 2007


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your drawings are just exquisite! I do love those the tree...the colors are so exciting. I get such enjoyment in seeing your sketches!!

I am ever enchanted with the view through your "lens". I'm thinking that the faces you've captured at the chateau are carrying on lively conversations about what they must think are odd people gathered round drawing and painting them. Especially the one at the top with the arm wrapped around...the expression is one of, "oh please, must you stand and stare at me so?" :) Your drawings are so lively and I love the fact that I can take a trip and travel with you through your paintings and sketches. I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

Many thanks for all the cheers and welcome homes! I miss Amboise and Casey and Ronell, though! Can't wait to get back.

Beautiful as always -- I especially like the trees and the guy with the big ears! I can't wait to see what else you painted on your trip.

Lovely sketches as always, and welcome home!

I think they do trees like that in Belgium/Holland or some such, too...I've seen them in art. They do something similar here in the midwest, called topping, but I think it must depend on the tree species, how it works. Often here the exposed stump of the limb simply becomes diseased and dies. They look amputated, in most cases, anyway...rather grim! (In a few cases they've just cut off ALL the limbs and left a 20-foot-tall post...makes me want to cry.)

I LOVE your delightful big-eared gargoyle, sweet.

Enjoyed your sketches. Nice momentos of your trip.

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