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November 02, 2007


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I love your zinnias in a glass vase. I am happy to see your site, as I don't see much about Schmincke paints. I got some on eBay, and they were my first paints, some of them used. I was just bowled over by the brilliance. Started on studies of ivy geraneums in that vivid magenta that just matched the Schmincke magenta. I can't get enough of just looking at them. Have you got a color chart? I am looking for one. I can't decipher the little symbols that relate to opacity/transparency or permanence or staining or something. Again your work is stunning, and I really love those zinnias (Late Summer Flowers, Farmer's Market).

I'm enjoying strolling along on this journey through color with you. Thanks for sharing it. I also wanted to say how courageous I think you are for participating in the panel, in French to boot, when you have public speaking issues. I can't even imagine doing anything like that. But I'm sure everyone will be wonderfully supportive and I envy them getting to see your work in person. Enjoy!

Laurel, I've been to your site many many times and am always amazed at the art you produce. You've inspired me, i am purchasing the 24 full pans of Schmincke's as soon as I finish typing this entry. The color variations are exquisite, and your compositions alone are noteworthy. Brava!

Hi everyone, I just wrote a long and personalized response to your comments, but, with one wrong hit of a key, it disappeared. Let me just say thank you, thank you and please know that I wrote brilliant and witty and very informative words in reply ;D. Really, I did.

Louise, It's fun seeing how this process works from your perspective. I think the colours - and the sketches you've done with them - are magnificent! And I'm so excited I'll be seeing you soon. Love, Thelma. xoxox

Beautiful, delicate paintings - I especially love those little blue flowers, and your approach to glass, which looks so effortless!

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