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December 30, 2007


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Hello. I was just googling for decluttering an art studio - and found your site with pictures. Just wanted to say I really felt inspired!! Thanks!! Happy 2008~ (poster from Seoul, Korea)

Gorgeous! (and you and I have the same long wood table, which I also use for a desk) The colors are perfect - neutral but not bland, and you've got such great light. I'm sure lots of good things are going to come out of these spaces. Congratulations, and enjoy!!

A room of her own...

No, make that two rooms. If anyone can make full use of two studio rooms, it is you.

But it is very naughty to raise up one of the Seven Deadly Sins in the hearts of other artists!

My writing room is perfectly dreadful. Heaps everywhere. Paper everywhere. Dust antelopes leaping from odd corners. Child's wallpaper still up. Gallumphing people coming through on their way to the washing machine.

happy new year Laura!
Your house should be in a magazine. Can't wait for you to mess up those studios! Happy painting!

Laurel, I have to be the opposing comment here I guess because I don't understand how anyone can work in such a beautiful, clean, organized environment. The fear of making it "messy" again would stick in my brain when I wanted to make that flicker of paint that could possibly go in a direction other than my canvas or board. How can you feel uninhibited? I think beautiful, organized and neat could be overrated. I love my old studio for it is a place that is never worse for my presence and only improves with spatters.

I love looking at your studio. Wow, I'm envious. Love your blog.

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