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December 30, 2007


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Thanks so much, lovely commenters! Don't worry, it won't be long before it's messy again! The surprisingly languid days around Christmas are over and it's back to work full-time tomorrow!

What a beautiful job you've done on your studio space! Congratulations! I know how good it feels. Now it's time to mess things up again with all new flurries of creation. Enjoy!

Happy New Year, Miz L., and may all your color-sprites continue to dance with joy in your studios!

It has been a delight to see your work through the aethernet, and a treat to actually meet you. Have a fabulous day, and can't wait to see what you'll create next!

Oh my, you've been busy! Now I'm even more embarrassed about what a mess my studio is in than I was before! I'll have to update my art goals to include 'clean up my studio'.
I'll think I'll have to pop over to North Carolina to see for myself if it's really that neat...

Happy New Year, Laura! Do I need to even say I'm green with envy? I think it's now a tradition that I come here for the new year and be awed and humbled! Masochist that I am, I'm so looking forward to following your adventures in 2008 and seeing all the beauty that results!

OH! My Goodness! Just simply To Die For! No, I have no envy for your beautiful studio. I know how Photoshop works. Can't fool me!
Ugh! Green with Envy!

((( circle of Great Painting and Happy New Year! )))


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