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December 20, 2007


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Such fabulous kitties! And good luck with that last-minute shopping. Merry, merry Christmas to you, David and family. xoxox

Amazing control, Laura for a bamboo pen. Like Katherine, I'd love to see photos of your pens. It goes without saying, your cats are wonderful - perhaps you could hand them out for Christmas, cut out the whole shopping process, and I'm sure everyone will be extremely happy. I still haven't finished - well hardly started actually - and I don't even have sketching as an excuse.

Oh, such neat cats!! Merry Christmas Laura to you and all your loved ones.

beautiful laura! very inspiring. Wish I could get off the computer and do some drawings. I love ink. (I love the old Higgins glass bottles). Have you tried painting back into higgins black ink with bleach? (you will need ventilation)

Both are so lovely, but I especially like that indigo one - lovely lines...

Now go get that shopping finished!

Thanks Laura. There are quite a few nominations already but more are very welcome indeed. I'm also very much enjoying seeing some on blogs that I'd not come across during the course of the year - see if there are any you don't know.

I love the drawings which you're doing with these reed pens and brown ink. I think it supports your style of drawing very well indeed. I'd love to see the reed pen in question. I've got one - but since I cut it myself I'm eager to see what a well cut one looks like!

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