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January 01, 2008


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Just fantastic. I think I have to buy those paints. I still don't think I'd get anything like the clarity that you do. I just LURV all those colours you've introduced.


You can tell that big moves are afoot with all that space preparation - you've been art-nesting lol. So looking forward to watching your plan unfold....


Perhaps I'll just have to start drawing if you are bent on novelizing! Happy New Year, Laura. Whatever you do will be interesting, I am confident.

I like those sugarbush flowers. Oh, to be as protean as a protea.

Sounds intriguing. I looked forward to reading your blog this year, now I have added incentive. Can't wait to see how it unfolds and I'll enjoy trying to guess the theme for the year. Cheers to you!

Oh goodie!
i love this kind of intriguing, stimulating, not-all-questions-answered treat!! Yours is always a fascinating journey to observe, so...yes...i would also vote yours to be one of the best art blog reads.

Thank you so much, one and all! Just want to say that I'll be making and posting some stuff that doesn't belong to the Great American Novel (ha!) as I go through the year. That'll make it harder for you to figure out what I'm doing and easier for me to stay energized!

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