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January 25, 2008


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Ton traitement du poisson et des glaçons est une réussite!

You can tell in the fish painting, compared to the watercolours, that you're using an unfamiliar (by comparison) medium, because you're not using the 'practiced' strokes you often use. I love your watercolours, especially the muddier pallette you seem to be adopting recently. Please continue with the acrylics, it's like we're seeing the works of a different artist who has a similar style to the 'watercolour' you we love. But somehow different. I like it. It seems 'gutsier' if that's the right work.

Hello Dear Laura,

I am again drawn to the sketches and paintings you create on brown paper. I love the warmth and the mixture of rich colors. I also enjoy the loose feel of the fish painting...really! You and I are both detail oriented people and myself, I always feel like I must continue to add more detail when of course, "less is more." The blues in the bottom fish are incredible, and you've captured that iridescent quality. Lovely!

Thanks so much, you all! I am really enjoying (when I'm not being frustrated ;D) delving back into acrylics again! There is just a tiny bit of finishing to do on the fish painting and then I'll be happy. I'm not worried about overpainting. With acrylics, you can always go back and undo!

The fishes are wonderful! And how you can manage drawing in a doctor's office without someone noticing and asking what you're doing is amazing! xoxox

I love your fish Laura...they are so rich and vivid and I can't see what you would like to do with the icve...they couldn't look better. It is really a gorgeous piece of work!

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