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January 16, 2008


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Linda's response is quite amusing. And your monkeys are fantastic! Hooray for rain, too! xoxox

What AWESOME monkeys, Laura!!! And you in the celebratory bath!! LOL Me, I washed TWO loads of clothes to celebrate!!

Well, that was fun! Thank you for joining in on the monkeyshines, you nice commenters! And clues will be forthcoming--it's only halfway through the first month of the year! Patience!

Having a snow day here, and finally am getting caught up on the blog rounds. I too love the monkeys, they remind me of some of my school children. Or maybe my cats who are acting like monkeys today. Anyhow I can't guess yet what your up to, yet a grandchild sounds like a wonderful thought.

Me too, me too! I love your monkey portraits. Hmmm - are they our county board members? :)

You could devote a whole artistic lifetime just to monkeys - wonderful.
I'm not going to try to guess, it gets my stomach tied in knots! But I was greatly amused by Linda's.

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