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January 05, 2008


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Oh my goodness! As I was scrolling I kept thinking Oh! I must tell her how wonderful this one is, then I would get to the next and think, no, this one is even better, and then the next, and the next.... It's all such beautiful work Laura. I am in awe...

Wonderful loose watercolor! Are the ink looking lines before or after the watercolor?

Loved your comments!! Thanks so much for them---you all are great. Yes, they were Schmincke paints. The pink hair is a mix of magenta and manganese violet. The woman is E, a fellow art blogger. I better get her permission before I give her link and name. The restaurant is Weathervane, not in France, but here. My birthday was last week---thank you for your warm wishes. I 'm really enjoying my mystery project, too!

I love the painting of the sink! It looks so shiney and wet. You're so good at textures.

Beautiful work Laura...I just love coming here and seeing colour. You are a wizard with a watercolour brush! They are all stunningl, but somehow I'm just fascinated by that sink with all the stuff in it...maybe a secret desire of how gorgeous my reality with brushes and pots and stuff waiting for cleaning could look?

such yummy sketches as always. A delight for the eyes!

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