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January 09, 2008


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I believe that I am the first to solve the acrostic puzzle by having viewed only a limited number of 2008 images. The delineation of the strokes, the very marks themselves and the pattern of color selection make the answer obvious at this point expressed as a algebraic equation which in part includes, as a portion, A. Einstein’s famous calculation of mass and energy in the mathematical calculus. But lets not stray too far from the art itself which is so full of life and vitality. I’ll save the conclusion for the next installment.

The fun thing about getting behind in one's visits is that one gets a whole gallery of Laura all at one go.

As for the German paints, I feel quite certain that you could grab a chunk of coal from my fireplace and a brown paper bag and make something lovely.

I bought the lumograph pencils and they are great! Thanks for sharing and they ought to be paying you to endorse these products!

Thanks very much for the fun, great comments! I've answered some questions in today's post, but to answer Anita's about the faces---9 1/2 out of 10 are done from life. The rest are done from reproductions of artworks or old photos. Dee, whatever you're using, it certainly works beautifully for you! I understand the thrill about having rescued them. About the bottles---I noticed, too late, that one of them, the curvy one, is really from New Zealand!

I love those bottles. I think your drawing makes them more lovely than they really are.

You continue to be such and inspiration to me, Laurel. I have become fascinated by faces, and am working from an utterly simple place of line, then timidly beginning to add watercolor, and who knows now it will all evolve. Your faces take my breath away!

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