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February 07, 2008


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Thanks for your comments, nice people! The young woman is a friend of one of my daughters. Miss Kate, I do think the dip pen has something to do with my enjoyment, but also the fact that I don't feel as stressed about my work this year as last (knock on wood.) Dee, acrylic paints are now far different from the garish ooze-in-a-tube we knew of old! I've painted for years in oils AND acrylics and I like both. My circumstances now dictate my using acrylics.
Casey, that's a mixture of ultramarine blue and that dark brown that is the Schmincke default one (isn't burnt umber.) Sue, it was just a lowly omelette ;D. Robyn, do I HAVE to paint 365 kitchen sinks??? Many thanks, all the rest of you!

That face is simply beautiful - your enjoyment really shows through.

You are so good at chrome and metals. I love the kitchen sink.
Also, I know I've said this before, but acrylic "paint" is not really paint. It's a gooey plastic substance. I don't know many people who can make a good "painting" from it. Oils are so much easier!

Hmmmm... Yes. We're anxiously awaiting the answer to the riddle here in Knoxville. I believe I'll have to restrain Diahn if you don't give it up soon!
I don't see a whole lot of difference in the colors added later rather than on site, other than maybe the lines were a bit more detailed in the restaurant scenes. (Maybe you added more detail so you'd remember, whereas at home you were able to dive right in?) Anyway, your use of color is fantastic, as usual, no matter where or when you use it. Just amazing.
I am absolutely smitten with the portrait of the young woman. It is the best so far, at least of the human faces. (You know how I loved the Magnificent yet Elusive Great White Tundra Monkey...) This one has the most relaxed and elegant lines of all -- it's perfect yet looks as if it was COMPLETELY effortless. So very elegant, and, as has already been said -- so ALIVE.

*Ahem* I am NOT a patient woman, Miss Laura! WANT TO KNOW YOUR THEME!

And omigosh, I love your picture of your husband, and of the lovely, longhaired young HigginsWoman. DO you think it's working with dip pens that is making the difference in your enjoyment quotient? I know they haven't ALL been that, but wow they are so alive...

Well, you've no doubt DONE everything but the kitchen sink to date, so why the hell not the sink, too! It's fabulous, Laura. And, food lover that I am, I find myself wondering "so what'd you cook in that pan, too?!" ;)) David and the lovely young woman are communicated beautifully with such luscious colors. Great job on these latest,comme toujours.

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