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February 17, 2008


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Thank you, everyone! Your cheers and well wishes were a terrific send off! Desiree, thank you so much for that lovely award. I so appreciate your thinking of me.

I loved this watercolor....! It looked straight out of a magazine!

Beautiful, beautiful, I always love your blog. I gave you an award on my blog, hope you get a chance to visit.

Beautiful sketch and cornflower blue is also a favorite of mine. May I suggest you don't wear your hiking sneakers with the dreaded bathing suit and lucky necklace? A fashion faux pas to be certain! :) Also, can you expound on the lucky necklace? I've missed the story...

Safe travel and delightful time to you and yours! XOX

J'espère que vous êtes en train de passer un bon moment à Hawaii.
À en juger par le dessin, ça promet!

Dreaded bathing suit? No!!!
You'll interpret the rain we're having here as a good thing, I'm sure, and doubly so since you're in Hawaii and don't have to deal with it. High 40 today, eww!

I want to see what you've been working on over there. Will you not be posting 'til you get back?


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