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February 26, 2008


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Thank you, dear latecomers! The concertina/accordion format is perfect for storytelling, I find. Martha, so glad you stopped by!

Beautiful sketches! And an accordion sketchbook is such a cool idea. I found you on Yellow's blog. So glad I did!

(She is at http://arokerartist.blogspot.com/)

Just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us.

I love this concertena format, and will make some up this evening ready to take out and about with me. It's a great way to house a group of images on a theme in a novel way. You're so clever. And I love the way that, wherever you go, you can tell it's your painting or drawing.

Such expressive shapes and colors in your water vingettes. I think you've captured them beautifully. I love the hibiscus, one of my favorite flowers and we have two very large bushes in our yard, the flowers measuring 9 inches across. The fruit looks fabulous and such a great segway to spring... Yesterday it was 65 degrees here, we can hardly believe it and have spring fever!

I've been smiling all the way through all of these. Can't wait to see what's next!

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