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February 03, 2008


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Violet Higgins drawing ink! you wild woman! No wonder those artichokes are so gorgeous!

Many thanks for your cheers and kind words! Vegetables are not my theme this year, but I'll always draw and paint them regardless of what else I might be doing. I changed Oona's right ear. On the blog, it looked a trifle hirsute, which it most certainly is NOT. Yes, Katherine, I'm thrilled at her quick recovery. She's my hero. Larry, glad I could inspire you!

I'm addicted to little bottles of coloured ink too! And I'm glad I'm not the only person who sometimes lets fresh produce go to God. At least with you they make for beautiful art.
I love the wise, calm expression of little Oona too.
Okay, now I'm waiting to hear about 'the' theme ;)

Well, those artichokes were right. They deserved to be painted.

Wonderful juxtaposition of those scruffy 'chokes and the glass-like glow of the peppers. Gorgeous!

Oh, those pouty artichokes! Oh, those sassy habeneros! How very George and Gracie they are together ...
I love your painting of little Oona. If she is truly as cute as your painting and her photos, then she is a doll indeed.

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