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March 18, 2008


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sounds like a fabulous trip


Thanks for telling EDM about your drawings from Paris. It took me back to my wonderful experiences there myself. Wonderful sketches of Parisian sculptures.

Merci, everyone! I wish you all could have been there with us! Ellen, what a wonderful month you'll have! I won't be there but I look forward to hearing about your stay. Ming, thank you---I'll change your url on my list soon. Marly, Paris was pretty bitter---well, at least semisweet. Agnes, what a lovely thing to say.

Tu me donnes envie d'y ĂȘtre!

Paris is always extra beautiful when seen through your eyes, Laura.

What a wonderful experience to be in Paris once again. I am not that envious, because I will be going to Paris for the month of June. By the way, would you possibly be there at that time? It would be wonderful to see you there. Ellen

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