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March 18, 2008


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Is here the only spot in the world where it is bitter and snowing? Surely not, though right now winter seems like a definition of eternity. Smell the flowers for me, Laura--

North Carolina is bursting with buds and blooms to welcome you home! ;))

Wow--the sunsets are delicious, Laura! Can't wait to see what you've come up with on paper. Safe travels!

Hate when that happens, but I love the pictures! They'd make great paintings

PS: Laure, there's been some mess up at blogger so i'm blogging from this url and not the 'Ming-art.com' anymore..just thought i'd let you know:)


oh Paris, my most favorite city in the world!!!! I am not jealous, just a bit envious! Sitting alongside Casey and Ronell sketching in Paris will always be one of the highlights of my artistic life. How blessed I have been to wander the streets of Paris with those two....and trapse through the cementry too!

So glad we got to spend time together and I had the great pleasure of meeting Casey and Claire! Can't wait to see all your great art! xoxox

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