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March 05, 2008


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Such energy in your sketches. I envy you your trips!

I was scrolling up from the bottom and spotted Cindy straight away!

Your interpretation of water gathers apace - and today I came across a ukiyo-e print called "Praying for Rain"! I don't think you're going to have too many problems in that respect on this side of the pond.

Have a good flight and a great time in Paris.

Your use of color here is amazing. I especially like the gargoyle, but therushing waterfall is pretty impressive too. And your portraits are always so 'juste'.

Thank you very much, nice people! The next to the last one is not of Amanda, but of another friend who lives in Richmond. Oona is gorgeous and fun and smart and... you can tell I'm, as Auntie Laura, a BIG fan. Lori, thank you. Marly, I think so, too. Linda, pray for sunny weather in Paris, for rain here!

LOVE the gargoyle, and what a lush portrait of your friend!

All are wonderful, but the next to the last portrait is especially fantastic (Amanda?) And Oona is just a perfect little subject anyway, I suspect. Sounds like a wonderful time was had.
And now Paris? Finally! Some fountains!

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