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March 25, 2008


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Your study of (what I believe to be) le Grand Palais in Paris holds my attention every time I visit your site. It is interesting that it is framed in tree branches because that is how I saw everything along the Seine - whether it was winter or spring, they seem to add to the essence of the Paris experience.

What I really admire though are your studies of Claire. Wonderful drawings! I believe a student of drawing can look at these and learn from all of the elements of drawing (and art) that are oozing out of these works. Very nice, indeed!

Ohmigolly! I wish I had your skills.

Stunning work Laura. You are so masterful with faces. I really admire your expressive lines -- how you say so much with them without overworking.

What a lovely set of drawings! It must be super to live where you are, to traipse around to see things that are tiny and the larger view. I never got to Paris - I booked a ticket when I was 23, but went to Fiji instead!

Thank you, thank you, dear commenters! Claire, really IS that pretty, don't let her try to bamboozle you. She's prettier, even! And so witty, as you can tell ;D. Pica, I sent you an email. Sarah and Elaine, I'm thrilled to see you here. Sandy, you'll have to wait and see--it's very like Hawaii and entirely different, too ;D. Linda M, you and Claire would make quite a pair! Nobody within earshot of you two would have a dry eye, due to excessive hilarity.

your sketchbook is a treasure throve!

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