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March 25, 2008


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I feel as if I have been away for so long...LOVE the sketches and the accordian books.

How fabulous and Fun - but we expect no less from you - Claire is as lovely as I knew she would be (Damion is Gorgeous!!)and I agree, How lucky to winter in Hawaii and Spring in Paris - What's next?

I always love the subjects that give you the most opportunity to use your distinctive flowing curves, Laura - this time it's the chandelier and beautiful Claire. I also love your combination of magenta, turquoise and gold across these sketches.

Your accordion books are stunning and it looks as though they have been easy to use after all on location. They will eventually come together for a lovely exhibition. I think you've probably started a trend here.

Well, what an ego boost!! Thanks guys; (I'm really not that pretty)
Linda M, try a cold compress for the head banging; and next time prepare a helmet or something before you visit Laura's blog. (my mom for example had Laura bring Excedrin from the states for the week in Paris)

All are beautiful!! Your colors are rich and your portraits are just fantastic. Wouldn't Miss Claire make a lovely statue for a fountain, too ...
;-D Claire -- if you are reading this -- you are a beautiful girl! Thanks for letting us know that Laura did these portraits while on the telephone. We are all banging our heads on our drawing tables now...over and over and over again ...

Oh, my, if you don't do Claire justice, she must be a goddess! Gorgeous...I especially love the profile.

And the accordian sketchbook views are wonderful...

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