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March 29, 2008


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OH, I love your fountain. There's such motion in it.

Oh Laura - the fountain ones! the colors! your work on the water in #2!!!!!! (big smile) def. no pretty pony here!

Just wrote a comment about the anemomes. Then I found the sketch of the horses in the fountain that I had referred to. Great sketch and beautiful colors. That cold that is "making the rounds" is a rough one; hope your are recovering.

Now I can never imagine you as a mattress whatever kind LOL! and amazing what work you can do while feeling under the weather. Beautiful, as always Laura! I hope you feel ye olde self very soon...

Oh my, I think this is my favourite version of your water horses!

You are so brave painting on through your cold, Laura. I've taken to bed with mine, trying to decide which blog I caught it from yours or Katherine's ;)

Love your meeting sketches and your choice of candidate!

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