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April 12, 2008


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vraiment superbe ce carnet de voyage.....

I just love all your work. I must make myself an accordian sketchbook. I've been thinking that ever since I first saw yours.I must say your watercolours are just scrumptious. The way you use colour is amazing.

I love your sketching and painting style and the colors you get out of your watercolors are just beautiful.
I am heading to Charleston at the end of this week and I am hoping to capture spring in the city in my journal. Your colors really captured spring in the south and I am afraid of my Maine palette.
What brand of watercolors do you use?

SO gorgeous...I delight in your sketches and the way they invite us into Life, capital L!

A big thank you to all you great commenters! Sue, I think it must be a bottle brush flower. That name kept floating through my mind as I wrote in the sketchbook, but I forgot to look it up! Julia, yes, it was in one of the camellia allees. Shirley, good question. I promise to address it soon. I have lots to say on the subject, but not the time right now. Thank you for asking!

Lovely camellias.

The accordian sketchbooks look great together. Maybe they should be framed together too?

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