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April 16, 2008


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Oooooh, I imagine the students would be thrilled to be involved in such an endeavor! What a fabulous idea. Go for it, Laura!

I remember this from last year too, Laura. I wish the class was longer also, as I'd love to seem more of these sketches. I particularly love the ones with your Mars Lumograph pencil and I do thing your beautiful Lauralines have become more beautiful in the last year.

Super idea of Kate's, to combine your sketches with the student's writing in a book. With on-line publishing it would be no-cost exercise for the school.

When my son was in a high school creative writing class, they 'published' a small compilation of the kids' writings for them all to have at the end of the year. Your sketches would be great illustrations to include in such a project!

Wow. What a blast! I remember your visit there last year -- and it was cool to look at last year's portraits compared to this year's! How could you have improved? You were perfect before! Yet -- these portraits have more personality (the portraits -- not the kids -- the kids are ALL great!), I think a bit more elegance and economy of line (I wouldn't have thought THAT possible, but there you go...) and I love the areas of really dark values in these. Jeez. You're awesome. And a drawing session with this class once every one to two weeks would be fantastic ...

Fabulous sketches and wonderful opportunity for you. I hope it all works out. The kids should love it as they get such a kick out of being sketched.

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