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April 21, 2008


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It's that old believe-in-the-dark-what-you-knew-in-the-light thing...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, good friends, for your warm words. I know this awkward time will pass---they come and go. I just have to have patience and faith, which I do. Mostly.
Larry, that's a wonderful idea. I'll see if I can weave parts of those letters in and out of this story line.

I came from your comment on The Poet Laura-eate. Your work is amazing.

You might enjoy my cartoonist friend Jeremy's observations (and comic strip) on finding a box of old angst-ridden letters from her teenagehood recently. Sublime!

Loved your posting by the way, particularly the poignant artwork. I wish I could draw!

Dry spells do come and sit for a spell, especially among productive creative souls.

I'd suggest taking your dry spell for a picnic among the draggin'-flies, or set a candlelight dinner for the dry spell with a nice dry red wine...I find mine enjoy the diversion, and once diverted they often wander off.


How wonderful that your mother saved all those letters. Don't you think you grow inside yourself when you read your doings and thoughts at a younger age and realise all the things that you've learned and all the wisdom you've gained since then?

Like knowing, with certainty, that all things must pass.

For myself, I've always thought that making a mess of things when painting is a bit like being a three year old again. You know - when your brain knows what it wants to do but the motor skills haven't quite caught up. So you practice - and then one day, quite unexpectedly, you ZOOM off in a new direction!

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