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April 21, 2008


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Finding your old letters sounds fascinating. Have you thought about blogging them--weaving them with new experiences and art?

How odd, I just rediscovered the 20 years of daily diaries I kept from 6th grade through age 33. I'm taking a creative journaling class, and the teacher told us to bring in everything we ever did journaling-wise.

These litle diaries are amazing...and disconcerting. I'm remembering lots of significant days I'd long forgotten. I hope you're enjoying these the same...

How lucky that your mother saved them all toether! I find one once in a while at my parents, and am always so surprised at how much I had forgotten about different times in my life.
You can certainly still draw. Sorry you're in a rough patch with painting - whatever it is, it has to end soon.

Wow...what an experience! i've destroyed large chunks of my journals...and it was a good thing...but that's unusual for me.

i'm thrilled you've had good rain. And that you are enjoying your garden again. Maybe the holding on through the drought, all that creative outpouring during the drought has exhausted some energy well...maybe you're resting now, and refilling, in the lap of relief....?

Laura, I just have to say how much I love looking at your sketches. I check every day to see what's new. So sorry to hear that you're "blocked". I hope it passes soon.

Aside from that, isn't it wonderful to read these old letters? How fortunate you are to have them. I have lost both my parents and I have kept a writing journal for the last 30 years, since the death of my father. It is interesting to "re-live" your younger self through these musings. Perhaps a painting will spawn from your letters.

My old journals from 30 years ago are sort of the same thing...but more whingeing. *G* I think you found a treasure...

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