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April 06, 2008


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Dear L, long time, no talk, but I am thinking about you a lot. Seeing these beautiful photographs and various sketches here reminded me of how much I miss you. The farmers market is starting here in NY area soon, and I keep thinking of our trips to the market in NC. :)

The rain, Is'nt that wet stuff that falls from the skies.The trees here in Texas are covered with new growth.but no rain since september,how do they do it?There is a story in these parts about a land owner trying to sell a ranch to a buyer from New York who asked about the annual rainfall Only to be told the truth 31 inches, the ranch helper joined in stated" Yes sir 31 inches I remember that day real well.

What lovely photos of the rain spattered plants - I do enjoy photos like this.

It's occurred to me that in the UK we had a really hot summer in 2006 followed in 2007 by the summer when it never stopped raining. I wonder if maybe you're in for the same 'switch'. Or maybe it's the impact of all those watery drawings - you wish is coming true?

this weekend I pretended like I was in Charleston

Thanks very much, one and all! The rain was a real godsend. If it's going to rain at all this year, this is the time----April showers, indeed.

So wish I could take beautiful close ups like these. My camera won't cooperate!

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