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May 16, 2008


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Beautiful acrylic piece! Very nice, the the energy in that water.

Way to go Laura - I'm so pleased with this news of your change of direction. I was so impressed with the water paintings you did while on Hawaii - and you are absolutely right to be looking at the abstracted qualities.

May I suggest a slight refinement of the theme to you? Based on previous posts, I'm wondering whether what you like is actually moving water. I'm thinking here of the fact that you have always been so very 'drawn' (teehee!) to fountains as well. I think it's the abstracted qualities which come with the movement of water and the associated refraction of light and colour which you really enjoy.

Enjoy Monterey!

Monterey is so beautiful. Enjoy your time there!

Thank you, kind commenters. I was so cheered by your support. I lived in Carmel a long time ago, so I'm familiar with the area and love it! Don't know how much time I'll have to sketch, because I'll be focusing on my daughter, but I'm sure I'll manage something!

Sorry you endured a dry patch, but glad you are wise enough to know what to do about them. This work is glorious.

glad you're back. love all your curvy lines and watercolor in all the right places, great inspiration to me.

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