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May 27, 2008


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I wish we had those cute things here. I very much like how you've placed him in the undergrowth.Or was he a she?

As always, your work never ceases to inspire and amaze me. You are such an awesome artist - one of my favorites! I went out and got the 1000 Artist book this week and I just love it. How proud you should be to be in that book!!!! Very well-deserved!

That's so cool about the book. Congratulations. Can't wait to get a copy. I love your acrylic work, by the way.

Best airplane sketches I've ever seen! And I like the tide pools, too.

Thanks so much for the wonderful responses, everyone! Kate, you ARE the dearest buddy! I so appreciate all the way to gos for my re-foray into acrylic paintings. I'm very excited about it myself. Mystery trip destination will be revealed this week, Miss Linda M, but you're close!

I've been back about four times to look at this wonderful little fellow, Laura! Acrylic looks brilliant in your Moleskine. And I'd love to get to keep that particular Moly x

Yes, I'll be lining up to buy the books as well. And full of envy for your journey back to Steinbeck country. Yes, I know everyone isn't a fan, but I read him when I was very, very young and loved him. Also only had one too short visit to the Monterey Peninsular.

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