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May 27, 2008


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Laura, I just love your acrylic work lately! Wonderful new direction. And BTW, I had a HUGE attach of the green monster seeing your mole x group so I decided to act! Your group proviced my inspiration.

I was in the Monterey area last summer. I think it must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Oh! And congrats on the book!!!!

Oh, a vacation with your daughter sounds fantastic! I love the box turtle -- they really ARE sweeties. :-)
And ... there you go again with the almost exactly like Hawaii but not thing... sigh. Have you discovered your own personal island? Laurelisland? Lauratoll? Or are you really on your way to Alaska, or Puerto Rico, or French Martinique? We'll see in August, I guess ...

Love the turtle: nice bold strokes in that piece! We had one in our yard last week as well. They're sweet. Congratulations on the book, Laura! Wonderful news! That's excellent! Enjoy your trip to California with your daughter. That's a lovely area.

Your turtle looks beautiful Laura. the colours are wonderful. It is nice to see your acrylic work. And congratualtions on the book, it so exciting...and enjoy Californai!

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